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Wow! I'm waitress!?

I could get part time job in London.
I worked for Japanese restaurant"WAKABA"in Swiss Cottage last night.
I set the chopstics and chopstick rests on the tables.
I wait the customers , if they came I'll say "Hallow",then bring the rolled hot hand towels and the menu to them.
I have to ask them for order by English,becouse allmost all customers are not Japanese.
But I'm newface I can't do that now.
I jast looking for senior girls.
I serve some dishes and drinks.
I warked since 5pm to 11;30pm lastnight,it's quite long time,however I never felt tired.

And the owner and colleagues are kind and unique.
One girl is a student in university who has a boyfriend and she'll live in Africa with her boyfriend sometime.
One cook from SriLankan is Doctor in his country and very fanny.

The waitresses wark is really interesting.
In addition I got the tip 7.50£!!
It's greatest satisfaction for poor student in London.
My flatmate Mika introduced me to the owner of the restaurant.
Thank you a lots!

Have a good weekend my friends at Italy,Turkey,Korea,France,Taiwan,Japan and my family!!

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